Labour migration in Uzbekistan

Ludmilya Maksakova

One of the factors determining a demographic situation is migration. Last 10-15 years, in migration processes were involved more than 10 millions people of former Soviet Union. Migration is as barometer which determining a socio-economic and political situation in the countries. Uzbekistan during long time has negative balance of migration. For last 15 years republic went through several migration waves. Migratory outflow has achieved the maximum values at the end of eighties and beginning of nineties. During next years, as a result of easing pushing factors it has considerably decreased, then began to grow again. Now the size of outflow of the population exceeds a level of 1996 in 1.7 times, however it is not so much due to growth of emigration population, but due to reduction of immigration.

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Presented in Poster Session 5