The experiences of older workers

Robert Raeside, Napier University
Kaberi Gayen, Napier University

The population of Scotland has aged rapidly and is predicted to be one of the first of the developed countries to experience population decline. The historical route to this situation is traced out and it is shown that in the next 20 years the cohort of those aged over 50 years will dominate the labour market. Yet this group is currently experiencing economic inactivity rates in excess of 40%. Reported in this paper are the results of a study in Central Scotland in which social network analysis was used to explore the experiences of those aged over 50. The research exposes the barriers to re-entry faced by those who have exited the labour market and demonstrates the importance of the socio-economic gradient to the experiences of these people. Recommendations are then given to facilitate greater work participation by older workers

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Presented in Poster Session 4