Differential impact of female education on people’s health: an experiment using Indian data

Mathada Sivamurthy, Applied Statistics Research Center, Bangalore

An attempt has been made in this experiment to examine the differential impact of female education on the mortality levels in the different age groups for males and females which are used as indicators of people’s health. The major States of India are taken as Units of analysis and simple correlation coefficients have been calculated. The relative values of the correlation coefficient are examined for inferring the relative impact of female education on mortality in different age ranges. It is found that the impact increases from Neo-natal age to Post-neo-natal age, starts decreasing and remains at a low level in the adult age range, except in the case of females in the reproductive ages and then increases with age in old age range. The experiment will have to be repeated with other data sets in order to confirm the pattern of impact.

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Presented in Poster Session 4