Transitions of young persons in Brazil: leaving school, entering the labour market, having a child

Elzira L. Oliveira, Universidade Candido Mendes

This article explores three importants transitions in the young people life cycle: entry in the labor market, exit from school and first birth. The main purpuse is to understand the relationship, in Brazil, between the ages in which occur these processes. In this study was applied survival analysis, specifically hazard and survival functions and Cox´s proportional hazard models. The main findings of this work was that in the case of young women, transitions out of school occur almost simultaneously, but after, to the age at labor force entry, and only after some time after women make transition towards first birth. In case of young males, age at the labor force entry preceedes age at leaving school. Section two reviews the literature; section three describes the methodology and data. Section four provides a descriptive analysis. Section five presents estimated results. Finally, the section six discusses the main findings.

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