Evaluating client-provider interactions in a Pakistani reproductive health setting: quantitative vs. qualitative methods

Saumya Ramarao, Population Council
Jacqueline Kim, Population Council
Anrudh Jain, Population Council

In family planning and reproductive health settings, client-provider interactions lie at the crux of quality of care. A good exchange between a client and provider can result in client satisfaction, which can ultimately lead to behaviour change such as method adoption, continuation, or opportunity to switch. This position has gained greater impetus since the 1994 Cairo conference with concerted efforts directed to improving the nature and content of the interaction. As program managers and policy makers are beginning to recognize this potential, it is important to understand the determinants of a good client-provider interaction and the methodological issues associated with measuring such an interaction. This paper will explore these methodologies and, as an illustration, examine them in the context of a client-centered intervention implemented in the Philippines.

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Presented in Session 104: Quality of care in reproductive health (1)