New dimensions for studying obesity

Yuri Frantsuz, University of Minnesota

Among factors that are held accountable for obesity in modern insdustrial countries, eating fat contained food,hi calorie food and lack of physical exercise are usually mentioned. These factors fail to expalain the multifaceted picture of obesity. Why, for instance,there are fewer obesied people in France where greasy food is very popular and physical exercises are not that much part of a lifestyle like in US? The paper suggests studying new factors that, in author´s view, could contribute to the obesity in modern industrial countries: food grown at depleted soil that lacks enzymes, practice of consuming premature (not ripe) food that satisfies ¨shelf life¨ criteria,hybriding fruites and veggies for the sake of size and firmness on the expense of other qualities and consuming ¨preservant rich¨ food that depletes good bacterias in the intestine (causes disbacteriosis).

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Presented in Poster Session 4