Land tenure and HIV/AIDS

Mapote Diop

Africa remains a rural continent, with roughly 70% of its population living in rural areas. However, most countries in that part of the world suffer from food security problems. In a short term rural regions are threatened by the epidemic. This trend entails various consequences in the agricultural world and jeaopardises the quest for a sustainable livelihood and development in hardest hit Sub-Saharan African countries. Therefore in this paper we would like to address the concern of HIV/AIDS, land tenure and food insecurity. We will also try to put the emphasis on particularly vulnerable groups in society – as to their land rights and the social pressure they experience due to HIV/AIDS- which are the women and the young people. To build up our analysis we will rely on the latest studies related to the matter of HIV/AIDS, land tenure and food insecurity and try to have balanced materials.

Presented in Poster Session 1