Land use pattern and hospitalisation for chronic conditions: a spatial study on modifiable health risks in San Francisco

Arpita Chattopadhyay, University of California, San Francisco
XiaoHang Liu, San Francisco State University
Sudip Chattopadhyay, San Francisco State University

Active lifestyle plays and important role in the management and control of diabetes, hypertension and congestive heart failure. However, opportunities to adopt and maintain an active lifestyle depends on environmental amenities and infrastructure available in the community where a person lives. In this paper we link hospital discharge information with charecterestics of the built environment as well as other contextual variables which may facilitate or hinder physical activity of patient residence. The association between hospitalization for the three study conditions and infrastructural facility for physical activity is studied in a multivariate framework. We adopt a poisson regression model to stydy the variation in age-race-gender standardized variation in hospitalization rates for zip code areas in San Francisco.

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