The European Population Conference 2005 of the Council of Europe

Raimondo Cagiano de Azevedo, Università di Roma

In 2002, the European Population Committee (CAHP of the Council of Europe) set up a working group to explore the feasibility of a Conference. The CAHP is now organising a high-level conference that would bring together the results of the Council of Europe population programs (2001-2003). The Conference would be aimed primarily at national representatives of ministries concerned with population and migration issues in member States, together with representatives from the other Council of Europe bodies: the Parliamentary Assembly and the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities. The main topics proposed to the discussion are: the demographic issues and their implications for social cohesion and for changing family formation; population ageing and its challenges to social policies; the impact of migration on society; population and social exclusion. The working papers and the final conclusions of the Conference will be disseminated all over the scientific and political institutions in Europe

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Presented in Poster Session 5