Socio-demographic factors influencing women's perception on violence

Indra Gunawan, Ministry for Women's Empowerment, Indonesia

There is a little information about violence against women, what the factors behind that. Indonesia just legalizes protection of domestic violence as a part to eliminate violence against women. Hence, it needs to build program and policy to protect women to be violated. Information about violence against women based on socio demographic factor will gave broad understanding from the policy maker point of view. To determine socio demographic factors and women’s perception on violence against analysis of factors influencing women’s perception of violence need to carry out among approximately 29, 483 women. The data is obtained from Demographic and Health Survey Indonesia 2002. These data comprise important background women’s factors, age, marital status, and number of living children, residence, education, and employment characteristic. The result will show that age, number of living children and employment characteristic have strong positive correlation with the women’s perception on the domestic violence.

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Presented in Poster Session 3