The impact of emigration on the country of origin: the case of Iran

Amir Mohammad Amiri
Ali Asghar Moghaddas, Shiraz University

Emigration behavior can strongly influence the country of origin. understanding this subject is important to state and local policy makers because can stimulate construction activity, also influence other infrastructure. In addition this movement of people is important because it alters an area's potential for economic growth by directly affecting the size and composition of regional labor forces. in general we can say that migration has the greatest short-run impact on society of any of the three demographic processes. it is a selective process that always requires change and adjustments on the part of the individual migrant. more important, when migration occurs with any appreciable volume, it may have a significant impact on the social, culture, and economic structure of both donor and host regions, because of their potential impact, patterns of migration are harbingers of social change in a society.

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Presented in Poster Session 3