Challenges influencing the adaptation of German immigrants in New Zealand

Petra T. Buergelt, Massey University
Mandy Morgan, Massey University
Regina Pernice, Massey University

This paper presents findings from a grounded theory study of the experiences of German immigrant couples to New Zealand. Four couples who decided to stay in New Zealand and four couples who decided to return to Germany were interviewed in-depth regarding the whole migration process (initial decision - settlement - decision to stay or return) using episodic interviews. Interview data were complemented with participant observation and a review of historical and statistical literature to capture the context of their immigration experiences. Data were analyzed to identify psychological and social predictors of resilience/adaptation or vulnerability/poor adaptation within the migration process. This paper presents the major challenges, the main resilience factor transcendent inner sense of self, and resources for facilitating a transendent inner sense of self.

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Presented in Poster Session 3