Non-consensual sexual experiences of Filipino youth

Maria Paz N. Marquez, University of the Philippines
Grace T. Cruz, University of the Philippines

The study provides national estimates of the level, nature, and context of non-consensual sex occurring among Filipino youth 15-24 years old. The paper highlights nuances in the experience including gender differences and risk factors as possible conditions within which such sexual abuse are likely to be experienced. Precipitating factors of such behaviour particularly within marriage are also examined using logistic regression analyses. The study utilizes data from a nationally-representative sample of 16,000 Filipino male and female youth drawn from the 2002 Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality Study. To gain a fuller understanding of the context and consequences of non-consensual sex, the survey findings are complemented by information from in-depth interviews of victims of forced sex. The study will hopefully provide knowledge necessary in designing more informed interventions for the victims and in installing mechanisms to reduce future occurrence of similar practices.

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Presented in Session 83: Non-consensual sexual relations among young females and males in developing countries