The three Fs: men's sexual risks behaviour

Miliakere Kaitani, Australian National University

This study explores casual sex as a risk taking sexual behaviour. Casual sex has become a common behaviour among adolescents in most societies. With the growing risks of HIV/AIDS there is also a greater exposure to risk taking behaviours amongst adolescents. Engaging in casual sex, with someone you have known for a very short time is a risk taking behaviour. This paper explores the changing behaviour to men and their attitude to casual sex and the reasons why men continue to engage in casual sex. Young males see casual sex as a competitive behaviour and the behaviour gives a them a sense of identity. In addressing this issues the social and cultural influence on this risk taking behaviour is accounted for. The paper concludes that cultural construction can be used to influence men’s behaviour in future. The paper draws conclusions about the importance of changing the approaches to addressing men’s reproductive issues.

Presented in Session 166: Male sexuality and contraception