Distribution and determinants of abdominal obesity in an adult population in the district of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Carukshi Arambepola, University of Colombo
Dulitha Fernando, University of Colombo

A community-based-study was carried out in an adult population in the district of Colombo with the objective of determining the distribution and determinants of abdominal obesity. A sample of 1400 males and females between (20-64) years of age was selected using a multi stage-stratified-probability sampling method. Their risk behaviours related to lifestyles and population characteristics were assessed. Waist circumference was used to indicate abdominal obesity. Prevalence of abdominal obesity was 34.9 %. It was found to be determined by sex, age, sector, physical activity and marital status. In addition, religion and higher socio-economic status were significant factors among males and females, respectively. Higher abdominal obesity associated with low consumption of whole grain products and, high consumption of whole egg products and deep fried foods was linked to urban-rural differentials in food consumption patterns. Its significant association with international migration revealed effects of transition from rural to urban lifestyles.

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Presented in Poster Session 4