Risk factors for obesity and associated chronic diseases in Uzbekistan

Fred Arnold, ORC Macro
Gulnara Semenov, ORC Macro
Rathavuth Hong, ORC Macro
Altrena G. Mukuria, ORC Macro

Effects of physical inactivity, poor dietary habits, tobacco smoking, alcohol consumption, and other factors on the measured levels of obesity and hypertension were examined using information on 2,333 men (15-59) and 5,463 women (15-49) included in the 2002 Uzbekistan Health Examination Survey. The analysis was conducted using binary and multinomial logistic regression methods, separately for men and women. The study found a strong positive association between obesity and hypertension in both men and women. For men, the risk of hypertension was strongly positively associated with BMI only at BMI levels above 25 kg/m2, but for women a positive relationship was observed at all BMI levels. The study found no significant association between physical activity level and the risks of obesity and hypertension. Eating animal source protein and tobacco smoking in the past were positively associated with obesity, but there were no consistent associations with other dietary indicators or alcohol use.

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Presented in Session 103: Changing lifestyles and problems associated with overweight and obesity