Explanatory factors of school acquisitions of the pupils: evidence from Burkina-Faso

Vissého Didier Adjiwanou, Université de Lomé

The principal interrogation, which guides this study, is the research of the determinants of acquisitions of pupils in an environment characterized by weak frequentations. It will tend to give a response to the question that the quality of the school does not have any predictive capacity in school acquisitions of the pupils in the developing countries. The study is led for Burkina Faso thanks to a series of survey carried out in the country during the school re-entry 95-96 by the PASEC which related to 2400 pupils of the class of CMI. Based on a method of estimate on two levels (fixed effects and MCO), the results show an unquestionable impact of the family characteristics (patent's education) on acquisitions of the pupils. With regard to the impact of the quality of the school on acquisitions of the pupils, the results do not show the impact of these variables.

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Presented in Poster Session 4