Child well-being and survival in urban development context, the case of greater Khartoum

Yasir A. Elmbark, MENA Child Protection Initiative

This paper will attempt to assess the situation of children in MENA Cities with focus on Greater Khartoum. It will investigate the issues confronting children specially those vulnerable and disadvantaged. The paper will try to answer questions like: How the socio-economic, demographic and environmental conditions contribute to the shape children well-being and force them to become vulnerable and disadvantaged? What is the effect of parents’ characteristics; education and occupation on the improvement of their children status? Availability of gender bias in children well-being and survival and the causal factors. The study will utilize secondary data of the government related departments and annual statistics of the related administrations. Primary data will be collected on three group of explanatory factors: socio-economic indicators, demographic characteristics of children or their mothers, and housing conditions. In-depth interviews will be conducted with the officials in Greater Khartoum and NGOs.

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Presented in Poster Session 4