Money transfers and development: data and problems

Yves Charbit, Université de Paris V, Sorbonne
Hélène Mourozeau, Université de Paris V, Sorbonne

The contribution of money transfers to development is analysed on the basis of data pertaining to 57 countries. Official transfers are first examined, then informal transfers (Fei ch’ien, Hawala, Chop, Black market of Columbian pesos), last importations of goods are discussed. The impact of political factors, especially relevant after September 11, raises the question of the criminal dimension of transfers. National experiences and agregate data confirm that States have very limited possibilities to control money flows. The evaluations of transfers as a factor of development vary greatly because of a lack of consensus on four issues : is their contribution to be judged on the basis of short- or long term consequences ? Do they increase the gap between urban and rural milieu ? What is the nature of the development (social or economic ?) induced by transfers, and last what comes first : transfers or development ?

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Presented in Poster Session 5