Socio-economic and political consequences of Bangladeshi immigration in India

Utpal Saikia, Institute of Child and Mother Health

Human groups have a tendency to move towards and settle in the areas of plenty from the areas of scarcity due to economic factors. However, when socio-political aspects are involved, such movements are really of serious consequences. The ever-changing demographic and ethnic composition of people influenced the political and economic set up even before partition of India. Consequences of Bangladeshi immigration in Assam can be viewed in different ways. First the tremendous occupation of land by immigrants, second conflict between indigenous tribal and immigrants and illegal occupation of land, third crisis of identity of indigenous population and the fourth, the most important, movement against foreigners. The later one is the most important factors in Assam for its social disruptions and political instabilities and also important from the point of view of different act and law related to immigration and citizenship and electoral roll in the state.

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Presented in Poster Session 5