Nutritional situation of women and determinants of obesity in Turkey

Sutay Yavuz, Hacettepe University
Elif Yiğit, Institute of Population Studies
Eda Köksal, School of Health Technology Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

From nutrition point of view Turkey seems to have both developing and developed countries problems. Nutrition in Turkey considerably varies by regions, seasons, socio-economical background and residences type. This study has two aims; the first, investigate the change in the nutrition situation of Turkish women between 1993 and 2003. The second one is to examine determinants of obesity among different groups of women. The most present and nationwide picture on overweight and particularly obesity is examined from TDHS – 2003 ever married women data. The increase in the proportion of obese women between 1993 - 2003 period is 21.4 percent. The basic question “who are obese women?” is answered by a descriptive analysis and differentials in terms of the individual, cultural, fertility and contextual variables will be presented. Regarding to multivariate analysis, mainly logistic regression models, will be used to explore the second question “what are the determinants of obesity?"

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Presented in Poster Session 4