Measuring fertility regulation patterns among women in Stip, Republic of Macedonia

Goran Miladinov, Skopje University

In this study is shown an exploratory analysis, explaining the influence of some socio-economic and demographic determinants over fertility regulation measured through trends of childbearing and ever use and current contraceptive use among data of women from 15-49 compared with data of young adults from 15-27 in a survey carried in 2001/02 by the author, in person in a town of Stip ,Republic of Macedonia. The analysis contributed to be made evaluation of some socio-economic and demographic determinants on the fertility levels and contraceptive practice among women.I found that the educational status of the women is of crucial importance in term of family planning issues and using contraception, particularly in using effective modern contraceptive methods. However ,generally speaking ,the results confirm that there is still need for further increased use of modern contraceptive methods.

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