Structural transformation of the villages in Delhi metropolitan region

Dr.Tapash Biswas, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India

As it is known fact that the rural population close to the urban centre has greater influence of the city and differ systematically from the rural population away from it. The major question addressed in the study are; what are the spatial pattern of agricultural land use changes, education, occupational structure and standard of living and spatial variation of vegetables and food crops within the villages in general and those selected for the field survey. The study also aimed at understanding the nature of functional relationship between the villages and the urban centres. Primary survey has been done in nine villages in Delhi Metropolitan Region covering 450 households. Villages have been selected on the basis of distance. Different statistical methods are used to understand these relationships. Distance of village from the urban area and mode of conveyance are the major determining factor for any kind of change.

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Presented in Session 46: Rural population dynamics