Parents’ awareness and perception of the polio eradication programme in Gombe local government area, Gombe State, Nigeria

Oyedunni S. Osowole, University of Ibadan
Joseph A. Obute, UNICEF

Four hundred and twenty-two parents from the community took part in survey while purposively selected 24 parents participated in focus group discussions. Results showed that two hundred and thirty-five (55.7%) of the respondents did not know the mode of poliovirus transmission while majority 353(83.6%) believed that polio is a serious disease Half 216(50.7%) believed that their children are not susceptible. The major reasons cited for reluctance in releasing children for polio immunization were high frequency of National Immunisation Days 172 (40.8%), polio vaccine overdose 165(39.6%), mixture of vaccine with harmful pathogens 31(7.3%) and too much attention been given to polio at the detriment of other childhood killer diseases. Based on the findings, there is the need for strong advocacy, enlightenment campaign with emphasis on transmission route, need for immunization and social mobilization to dispel negative rumors and improve acceptance of polio vaccine.

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Presented in Poster Session 4