Socio-economic determinants of HIV/AIDS: a case-control study

Krsihnasami Swaminathan, Bharathiar University

The socio-economic, cultural and demographic factors mediate their effect on HIV transmission only through a set of intermediate factors. Effect of these factors on the transmission of HIV epidemic has not been clearly understood under Indian context. A case-control study was carried out in Tamil Nadu, India. The sexual behaviour of men in control group strongly indicates the existence of indiscriminate casual sexual relationships in the general population. Multivariate analyses suggest that inconsistent condom use and sex with multiple partners, past history of STDs, blood transfusion and sex during menstruation are significant risk factor for HIV infection. The socio-economic factors place of residence, staying in public places during travel, substance use and exposure to pornography has significant effect on intermediate variables like past history of STDs, use or non-use of condom and number of sexual partners which in turn influences disease transmission.

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Presented in Poster Session 1