The vulnerable people of Indonesia and social security

Tara B. Soeprobo, University of Indonesia

Despite the success of reducing the poverty rate, Indonesia still observes many vulnerable people exposed to many kinds of shock, such as sudden price increases, or the loss of employment, or family sickness. The vulnerable condition has been worsening when there is no comprehensive social security applied. Social security in Indonesia covers workers in public and private formal employment only. Most vulnerable Indonesians rely on the extended family and communities for informal social safety net. The 2001 Social Economic Security in Indonesia study provides information on people living in some forms of social and economic insecurity; their characteristics; through what mechanisms they cope with their vulnerability, etc. The data that covered 3000 households in 4 provinces in Indonesia will be descriptively analyzed through constructing some contingency tables. Study results would give comprehensive understanding of the vulnerable people of Indonesia and be the base for the government or other institution interventions.

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Presented in Poster Session 3