Providing voluntary counselling and testing for HIV among young people in Uganda

Edith Mukisa, Naguru Teenage Information and Health Centre

Naguru Teenage Information and Health Centre is a model organization in provision of Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health in Uganda and among the “best practices” in the region. Was established to increase accessibility and utilization of services and advocate for young people’s rights. Since inception this organization has had an increase in utilization by over 20% each year from 1,407 attendances in 1995 with cumulative attendance of 92,868 by 2003. In May 2002 Voluntary Counseling and Testing for HIV was started the first initiative of this kind in the region. By June 2004, 6,524 young people have accessed this service, 60% of whom were females. Equal numbers of in and out of school have accessed this service. The HIV prevalence has been at 6.3%, more than half of these females. This initiative is an opportunity to prevent HIV infection among young people, and provides experiences that developing countries can learn.

Presented in Poster Session 1