Child malnutrition in Iraq

Khalil Mehdi
Al-Timimi Wisam, ICO Baghdad

Iraq has passed through difficult situation for the last 24 years, three wars and 13 years of economic sanctions; under 5 children, pregnant and lactating mothers were the most badly affected. Moderate to severely malnourished children were managed through the PHC centers and the CCCUs network, whereby the severely malnourished and those suffering from other associated/ underlying illnesses have received more specialized care at NRCs under supervision of trained pediatricians. Aim of the study: 1- To assess the nutrition status of the malnourished children admitted to the NRCs. 2- Epidemiological distribution of the affected/ admitted cases. 3- Average duration in (days) of the rehabilitation/ nutritional management. 4- Average weight gain and general status on discharge from the NRCs.

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Presented in Poster Session 2