Irregular labour migration from Georgia

Tamar Shinjiashvili, Institute of Demography and Sociological Research

The paper concerns the scale of labour migration, its definitive motives and positive and negative impacts on Georgia. Georgia never characterized by intensive external migration processes, but in last decade the heavy economic recession amplified the mentioned process. The main motivated of Georgian labour migrants is to improve the economic status of their families. Labour migration from Georgia is basically irregular migration. Irregular labour migration flows are mainly directed towards four countries: Russian Federation, Greece, Germany and USA. The trafficking in people is directly connected with the irregular migration.The paper covers the part that the brokers, the employing agencies and the criminal organizations take in the export of emigrants from Georgia to the foreign countries. In the paper accent is made on sharing according sexual, age and professional structure of migrants. The paper is mainly focused on the regulation of the legislative base by the goverment, in order to elaborate the state programme of migration.

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Presented in Poster Session 5