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Session 82:
The 2000 round of censuses: assessments, revelations

Thursday, July 21
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Salle Deparcieux

Chair: Judith Banister, Javelin Investments

  1. Methods of measuring poverty in the 2000 round of censuses in Latin America: old problems and new proposalsGustavo Oscar Alvarez, Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censos , Argentina; Alicia Gomez, INDEC; Ariel Lucarini; Fernanda Olmos, Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censos, Argentina

  2. How to determine China’s true fertility?Daniel M. Goodkind, U.S. Census Bureau

  3. Analysis of socio-economic inequalities in health based on census data: the risk of of very preterm birth in Paris and its immediate suburbsJennifer Zeitlin, INSERM; Linda Lasbeur, Université de Paris X, Nanterre

  4. Ethnic classification in international context: a cross-national comparison of 1995-2004 census itemsAnn Morning, New York University

  5. Discoveries and challenges from Census 2000Betsy Guzmán, U.S. Census Bureau; Kevin Deardorff, U.S. Census Bureau; Melissa Therrien, U.S. Census Bureau

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