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Session 175:
Collecting and analysing data on gender

Saturday, July 23
1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Salle Condorcet

Chair: Noriko Tsuya, Keio University
Discussant: Maria Eugenia Cosio-Zavala, Université de Paris X, Nanterre

  1. Revisiting indicators of women's empowerment in rural Bangladesh: a longitudinal analysisLisa M. Bates, Harvard Medical School; Sidney Ruth Schuler, Academy for Educational Development (AED); Farzana Islam, Jahangirnagar University; Joanna Maselko, Harvard Medical School

  2. Household decision making as empowerment: a methodological investigationSunita Kishor, ORC Macro; Lekha Subaiya, ORC Macro

  3. Husbands’ and wives’ reports of women’s decision-making power in western Guatemala and their effects on preventive health behavioursStan Becker, Johns Hopkins University; Fannie Fonseca-Becker, Johns Hopkins University; Catherine Schenck-Yglesias, JHPIEGO Corporation

  4. Measuring gender as a system using confirmatory factor analysisJill Williams, University of Colorado at Boulder

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