Cambodia inter-censal population survey 2004

Lina Hang, Cambodia Ministry of Planning

It is a nationally representative sample survey taken between two censuses, the 1998 census and the proposed 2008 census, in order to update information on population size and growth, fertility, mortality, migration and other population characteristics as well as household facilities and amenities. The CIPS 2004 was conducted in a nationwide representative sample of 21,000 households with selected 700 villages out of 13,886 villages in Cambodia. The 700 villages were selected from update frame. The sample for the CIPS 2004 was a three stages stratified cluster sample. The country’s population is estimated as 13.09 million. This gives an annual growth rate of 1.81 per cent. The average household size worked out to 5.1. The percentage of female-headed households had increased from 25.7 to 29.2. The density of population is 74. The overall sex ratio is 93.5.

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Presented in Session 75: Statistical methods for population estimates