The role of ethnicity in demographic and economic strategies: an anthropo-demographic analysis

Veronique Petit, Université de Paris V, Sorbonne
Aurélie Godard, Université de Paris V, Sorbonne

This paper presents an anthropo-demographic research in rural Guinea, the main purpose of which was to estimate the level of poverty and to identify the population responses. The 364 households surveyed live in four multiethnic villages in a specific environment. For each of the 3 ethnic groups the interethnic relationships depend on their economic systems. The anthropological approach is required to understand how and why theses three population provide specific in their demographic and economic responses to the pressure of poverty. They do not use the natural resources in the same way et they do have not a similar access to the land tenure. Moreover the ethnicity bears various consequences at the individual, the family and community levels. Poverty leads to a re-composition of the society and redefinition of power relationships between families and ethnic groups.

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Presented in Session 10: Anthropological demography