Nutritional status survey of under five children in Baghdad – Iraq 29 April to 3 May 2003

Khalil Mehdi
Al-Timimi Wisam, ICO Baghdad

Under the difficult conditions Iraq has been going through since the outbreak of war on 20 March 2003, we need to assess the impact of the damaged infrastructure, lack of power and potable water and the increase of prices of basic food items which has negatively affected the food security at household level. This survey has been designed to assess the impact of war on nutritional status of under 5 children and to determine the prevalence of different type of malnutrition in Baghdad governorate. This survey was conducted by the Nutrition Research Institute (NRI) teams/ staff with UNICEF support. Objectives of the Survey: This rapid assessment survey aims at: 1.Determining prevalence different types of malnutrition among U5 children. 2.Determining prevalence of nutritional edema in the surveyed children. 3.The survey will be a starting point to determine future responses and to design further interventions to address malnutrition.

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Presented in Session 86: The demography of Arab countries