Converging views on the quality of reproductive health care in Yucatan

Yolanda Oliva, Université Autonome Du Yucatan

Research in the northern zone of Yucatan aims at understanding why this state, where the provision of health services is one of the highest of Mexico, is also one of the poorest rated for quality. So, it compares the view point of the medical specialists and users in the various domains of reproductive health. Special attention is given to the experiences of nurses and doctors in the local clinics and to the linguistic factors, the zone being Maya. A third of the municipalities have been chosen, representative of the conditions of access to reproductive health services. All the institutional mediators will be interviewed (doctors, nurses, midwives, rural assistants) as well as 500 men and 1000 women. Both quantitative and qualitative methods are being used: resources inventories, questionaries, interviews and focus groups.

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Presented in Session 15: Quality of care in reproductive health (2)